"Мерчандайзинг — 1). подготовка товаров к розничной  торговле; 2). комплекс мер, направленных на привлечение внимания покупателей  (например, размещение товаров в торговом зале, оформление торговых прилавков, рекламных плакатов, декораций, освещения); 3). планирование и ведение торговли  путем представления продукта на нужном рынке в нужное время". (Словарь иностранных слов Комлева Н.Г.)
"Мерчандайзинг — это маркетинг в розничной торговой точке, разработка и реализация методов и технических решений, направленных на совершенствование предложения товаров, в том месте, куда потребитель традиционно приходит с целью совершить покупку". (Ведушие специалисты в сфере розничной торговли СНГ Кира и Рубен Канаян).
"Мерчандайзинг как совокупность средств и способов, помогающих товару быть проданным в торговой точке". (Алан Велхофф и Жан-Эмиль Массон).
"Мерчандайзинг — это организация розничной торговли". (Борис Токарев).
Marketing Dictionary
1. "The planning involved in marketing the right merchandise or service at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right price". (American Marketing Association).
2. "Promotional sales activities of an advertiser's sales force, retailers, wholesalers, or dealers, including advertising, point-of-purchase displays, guarantee seals, special sales, and in-store promotions, designed to show a product or service in a favorable light so that it will be purchased by the business community and/ or the consuming public". 
3. "Retail selling effort that is the principal task of in-store sales personnel through the use of promotions designed by a manufacturer, such as unique displays, giveaways, or discount and premium offers. In this case, merchandising is the act of managing and arranging the merchandise on display in a store so as to promote its sale".
Britannica Concise Encyclopedia
"Element of marketing concerned especially with the sale of goods and services to customers. One aspect of merchandising is advertising, which aims to capture the interest of the segment of the population most likely to buy the product. Merchandising also involves product display; companies provide retailers with display and promotional materials and negotiate shelf space for their products. The development of sales strategies includes the determination of pricing, discounts, and special offers; the invention of sales pitches; and the identification of avenues for sales, including store-based retailing and alternative means such as direct-mail marketing, telemarketing, commercial Web sites, vending machines, and door-to-door sales". 
"Merchandising is a process or function for what to buy & how to buy for sale. Merchandising is part of Marketing process where 4 p's are required to complete the process of marketing. Product, Price, Place/distribution & promotion. Merchandising covers 3 p's (product/Price/place or distribution) Merchandising word has been generated from Merchant or Shopkeeper. The duty of the shopkeeper is to arrange the right products with right price before the consumer decides to buy or knows about the product from promotion/media. If he fails to supply goods on time or fails to supply the right packaging his customer will go to other shops & buy the products from competitors who have them in stock. This process involves 2 major ideas; 1st to decide what to buy or produce (product detail, Packaging, pricing, timing etc.); 2nd is sourcing, developments, ordering, follow up of production, shipping & distribution, as well as storage".